Rosemary Rau-Levine

Dr. Rosemary Rau-Levine     690 Church Street, Suite 1  San Francisco, CA 94114      (415) 522-0250

Homoeopathy is an understanding about the way that the human body/mind/soul works. According to homoeopathy, when the body experiences 'dis-ease' (verb not noun), the body begins to react against the problem. 'Symptoms' are the manifestation of this reaction. According to conventional medicine, symptoms are signs of the illness and are therefore to be supressed and eliminated. In doing so the conventional doctor claims to cure the illness. The homoeopathic doctor, however, sees the 'symptoms' as the body's way of dealing with the 'dis-ease' that it is experiencing. Therefore this reaction is to be encouraged to enable the quick resolution of the illness. The homoeopathic doctor will prescribe a remedy in miniscule doses that in large doses would produce the same 'symptoms' as those that the person is experiencing. In doing so the homoeopath promotes the resolution of the dis-ease, by stimulating the immune system. 


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