Rosemary Rau-Levine

Dr. Rosemary Rau-Levine     690 Church Street, Suite 1  San Francisco, CA 94114      (415) 522-0250

My medical practice

I am a practicing M.D. and board certified Psychiatrist, licensed to treat patients who reside in California, Florida or Wisconsin. I can give phone consultations only to patients who reside in those states. (If you reside in another state, like to find an anthroposophic physician in your area, you can find one through the Physicians' Association for Anthroposophic Medicine).

Prospective patients interested in a medical consult or treatment should know the following features of my practice:

1. My Office Location and Accommodations

Having spent a major portion of my professional medical career working in a variety of medical establishments, I have chosen not to work in a modern medical office with nurses, computers, or cutting edge medical technology. My office is located in a residential neighborhood across from historic Dolores Park. I see patients in a calm, quiet, home-like atmosphere, with a fireplace, wooden furniture, artwork, an assortment of toys for children to play with, and plenty of natural light. Children often enjoy their visits, and have been known to ask their parents when they can come back.

My office address

690 Church Street, Suite 1
San Francisco, CA 94114
415 522 0250

Map and Directions

Click on the map below for a detailed map, driving directions, and public transit information:

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2. Our Doctor-Patient Relationship

I employ the traditional anthroposophic doctor-patient approach. My patients call me by my first name, and I inquire into the patient's experience from both a physiological and psycho-emotional perspective.

I am professionally interested in your emotional experience, and how this affects your physiological condition. I ask questions and engage in discussions that help to inform me, and better diagnose your condition. I have learned that the quality of doctor-patient communication and relationship is essential, and extends far beyond examinations and test results.

3. My multidisciplinary approach

AMA Licensed and Certified

I am a licensed M.D. and board certified Psychiatrist, and I often augment the conventional American allopathic medical-industry approach to many conditions.

Collaboration with your medical plan

I strive to work constructively with and to compliment your primary doctor as well as your available medical resources. While I do not accept insurance plans (and have carefully chosen not to involve myself with the required bureaucracy and overhead expense), some patients have been able to work with their insurance or PPO providers to obtain reimbursement for my services.

Conservative use of pharmaceuticals and antibiotics

For many years I have frequently postponed prescribing the antibiotics that are routinely prescribed by many physicians, because I have found a number of treatments that are more effective and have less risk of adverse side effects. I do, of course, support the use of antibiotics and I prescribe them when they are indeed warranted. I take a more conservative, staged approach to medicine than many conventional physicians. This conservative approach has served my patients and my practice quite well, and has gradually become widely adopted by mainstream medicine. We now see far fewer antibiotics prescribed for common ailments such as pediatric ear infections, for instance. And many doctors and patients are likewise adopting this approach in growing numbers.

4. My medical specialties and healing modalities

I work with a number of complimentary healing modalities, and I use a variety of tools, techniques, medicines, remedies, and procedures. These may include the following:

  • Homeopathic remedies in the form of prescriptions for tinctures, tablets, pellets, injections, creams, sprays, etc.
  • Vitamin therapy, in the form of recommendations for over-the-counter vitamins or prescribed in-office injections.
  • Dr. Nogier's painless Cold Laser treatment on acupuncture points (instead of needles).
  • Dr. Nogier's fiber optic lens treatment.
  • Non-force osteopathic manipulation and muscle-energy procedures.
  • Non-force osteopathic cranial-sacral therapy.
  • Dr. Nogier's Auricular medicine (needleless ear acupuncture, non-insertion method, using gold and/or silver beads.
  • EMDR for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing).
  • Mistletoe (Iscador) therapy, for immune system enhancement.
  • Anthroposophic art therapy for cancer survivors, to help prevent recurrence.

5. Your Payment Arrangements

Fee for services

I generally provide my services on a immediate fee-for-service basis. I do not accept insurance. I keep my overhead low, and prefer to offer my services at affordable rates. I expect payment upon the conclusion of your visit, and do not accept credit card payment for my services. Please bring your checkbook.

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