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My name is Rosemary Rau-Levine. I have been been practicing medicine for over 46 years. I have devoted my professional life to learning as much as possible about a wide spectrum of the healing arts, with the primary focus of serving my dear patients while enriching my deeper understanding of the human body and its myriad expressions.

My practice comprises a number of different medical disciplines, and my work spans two seemingly separate realms of Art and Medicine. While medicine is considered a Science, many of the intricate workings of the human body are not fully understood and remain an ongoing mystery. The disciplines of Medicine and Science have grown increasingly authoritative and commercialized throughout my tenure as a doctor, and it has become clear to me for many years that I must learn a variety of complementary healing modalities in order to to better serve my dear patients, especially those who do not respond well to frequently over prescribed pharmaceutical treatments, such as antibiotics and steroids.

My approach to medicine is not for everyone. I enjoy working part time with my patients while I pursue my passion for art, piano and exercise. I have created this website to better communicate my practice to my current and future patients, as well as their friends and families. While I am not actively trying to expand my practice (and for years built my business exclusively by word-of-mouth), I do wish my practice to be available, so I selectively use the world wide web to reach those who will truly benefit.

While I prefer not to spend my time on a computer, please feel free to call me with questions -- 415 522 0250 -- and leave a message. I will return your call promptly.

I hope you enjoy this site.

In health,

Rosemary Rau-Levine, M.D.

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